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Thank you for the interest in joining the Gulf Skindivers Spearfishing Club.

Gulf Skindivers is a South Australian based spearfishing club formed in 2018 to help promote and develop spearfishing in the state.

We run 2 comps a year which gives new divers the chance to fast track their journey and learn all the different species and how to target them while also helping them to gauge legal size and weight limits. Participants get to see all different types of equipment and find out how it is used and why. They also get to meet other divers and find dive buddies . Experienced divers get the chance catch up with old mates or adversaries and test their skills.

The club also runs several other fun dives and meetups throughout the year to help bring the community together.

Once you become a member we will add you to the private club Facebook page and email list which includes all upcoming event details and member posts which makes it easier to connect with other members.

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For your Gulf Skindivers Membership Form